HughesNet Authorized Retailer

The Team

Brittney Reisert -Customer Service Rep.

Brittney is a pleasure to work with. She makes sure to provide all of HughesNet customers with great customer service experience.

Scott Reisert -HughesNet Installer

Scott has been working with Great American Satellite, your local HughesNet Authorized Retailer for a few years now. He is one of their certified HughesNet installers who installs in South Central Indiana.

Jere Holt -Installation Professional

Instead of spending Sundays trying to fix your Internet Service, call Great American Satellite and have our MVP come Install your HughesNet Satellite Internet Service. Jere Holt has over 8 years of experience in the telecommunications field and knows exactly what play to run when getting you set-up with your Satellite Internet Service. Don’t get…

Jon Bovee -Installation Professional

When not busy spending time with his adorable family, Jon Bovee is proudly installing HughesNet Gen5 Satellite Internet Customers in Northern Indiana. With over 8 years of experience working for Great American Satellite, John brings a level of experience and professionalism second to none. Call 812-967-8100 for more information about HughesNet Satellite Internet today and…

Jeff Hein of Great American Satellite Service South Central Indiana

Call Great American Satellite today to get started with HughesNet High-speed Satellite Internet! With our innovative products, like the HughesNet Gen5 that has great speed and download capacity, you can say goodbye to slow downloads and hello to a faster Internet experience. We’re proud to be your local HughesNet Authorized Retailer. Give us a call…

Tony Belt -HughesNet Certified Installer

Installing in Western and Central Kentucky, Tony’s experience makes all the difference. No other provider can say that. I’t’s no wonder that HughesNet is America’s #1 choice for satellite Internet. Visit Great American Satellite 105 Market St Borden, IN 47106 or give us a call at 888-592-5812

Ron Gerber -HughesNet Certified Installer

Ron Gerber provides a hassle-free installation. Ron will bring your system right to your home and hook you up in no time. Visit Great American Satellite 105 Market St Borden, IN 47106 or give us a call at 888-592-5812

Darcy -Owner

As the Great American Satellite owner, Darcy wants to make sure you can relax knowing that with HughesNet you get unsurpassed customer care and service offering you the service plans that you need. Call us toll-free at 88-592-5812

Ashley Nelson -Office Manager for Great American Satellite

You’re family to us! At Great American Satellite, your local HughesNet Authorized Retailer, we take tremendous pride in getting to know our customers’ needs. Our friendly office staff and exceptionally trained technicians work closely with you to find a price and a plan that includes everything you’re looking for. Our team of experienced installers are…

The Team